"This is place you go to for late night Dekalb where everything get turned up a notch. The owners are pleasant people that will remember your face and go out of their way to say hello to you. The bartenders are sharp and precise. The staff is humble and tightly knit. I recommend if you are in our area."

James Anthony Gaudio

"Great staff that cares for the customer and makes sure that everyone gets attended to ,even on packed nights. Great atmosphere as well."

Trent Aaron

"Fantastic bar, definitely my favorite of Dekalb. Great staff, my drinks are always filled. Atmosphere is on point, plenty of TVs along with multiple pool tables (tournaments regularly), as well as darts and miscellaneous other games. Weekends the place is always a blast and DJs regularly."

Robert Laus

"Molly's is one of the best bars in dekalb! Excellent service, professional staff, great music and excellent owners! Quickest service in town by far, and you haven't lived until you try the Jack Daniel's burger. I'd reccomend this place to anyone in Dekalb!"

Brian Jameson

"Amazing college bar! Awesome drink deals and the food is stupendous. It was so sad when Padme passed away because it forced Anakin to the dark side. Though, I honestly believe that Anakin repented and returned to the light side. With that being said, you check out the rail deals. My favorite rail was the Irish rail #Whiskey"

Matt Creech

"Love the food here! They have great DJs and every time I've been there I've had a great time. It is a must go if you are ever in DeKalb!"

Shayann Sutherland

"Cold beer, good food, friendly staff. It's like Cheers, in a college town! Love you all!!!!"

Nicole Wilson

"Best Bar in Dekalb hands down, there is a reason why bars kept going out of business while this one grew in popularity. The bartenders/servers are quick to greet/serve you and the bouncers keep the belligerents out. I enjoyed it while I went to NIU and when I come to visit as an alumni"

Anthony Soto